Competition Rules

Year 2014


Local teams will work together to create the most compelling fashion images to hit the Texas scene.

Come Celebrate this wonderful part of Fashion Week by creating your own team or being randomly paired with other individuals.

How it works:

The deadline to register is September 1, 2014


 A team must consist of a Photographer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Model and an Apparel Designer. A team may also include any or all of the following: Accessories Designer, Jewelry Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, Art Director or any other creative team member you choose.


  • You may submit a complete team or you may register to participate as an individual.
  • If you choose to register as an individual, you will be randomly paired with other individuals to create a complete team.
  • Your team will submit five images to us by September 15, 2014.

1:  Competition Photo

2: 3/4

3 : Close Up Photo

4: Panoramic Photo

5: The Team along with the Model

The competition picture will be posted online by October 1, 2014

Fashion Themes (Year 2014):

Houston: Space (NASA Inspired)

Austin: Vintage

Dallas: Rodeo

San Antonio: Couture

National: The Future of Fashion year 2050

International: Airline and Fashion




  • The model must be clearly seen in the picture.


  • Models size: 0 – 2 -4 | 5’7″ or taller only
  • All images must be family-friendly.


  • Fashion is the focus.


  • The image must start as a photograph, but the amount of digital post processing done is up to each team.


  • Internet voting will begin on September, 03, 2014.


  • Voters may vote for as many teams as they’d like but cannot vote for the same team more than once.


  • Voting will close at 11:00 pm CST on September  30, 2014.


  • A panel will convene to view the images and will determine a winner.


  • Images will be viewed anonymously (meaning, no information will be given about any members on any team)


  • The top 3 finalists for each award will be announced during the kick off party during Houston Fashion Week October 02, 2014 and the winners will be announced at the Texas Fashion Awards  set in Houston, TX. this year on October 12, 2014.



  • All teams will be invited to have their image come to life on the stage during the Texas Fashion Awards on October 12, 2014.


  • Presenting on stage will not affect voting.


  • Only photographs submitted by the deadline will be voted upon.



Each individual must cover a participation fee of $150 which includes a FLOOR ticket for the Texas Fashion Awards (valued at $250). Single Individuals registering must include fee along with submission of their registration.

Note: The model fee is waved.


Complete TEAMS that are registering will provide name and email addresses of each team member and on receipt of the team registration, each team member will receive an invoice from Houston Fashion Week. Your team is not considered complete until all team members have paid their invoice. NOTE: Any individual acting as MULTIPLE categories (i.e. same person as Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist) MUST pay fees for EACH category they represent. Individuals participating on multiple teams MUST pay fees for each team they represent.


If you are registering as an INDIVIDUAL that would like to be placed on a team, or you are registering a complete TEAM, please contact us at: and let us know if you are a Team or need to be placed on a team.


If you have any other questions about participating, please email us at:




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