Houston Fashion Week® provides the latest in Houston’s fashion / beauty scene;
it is a luxurious multi-day event in Houston, Texas, that includes runway shows, exhibitions, and networking opportunities
aimed at both highlighting the work of Houston’s local fashion professionals while including international fashion designers
whose merchandise can be found in the south central region of America (Texas) and beyond.

We are in our 10th year of operation, and, due to our collaborative partnerships, Houston Fashion Week®’s events and venues
now comprise the largest national fashion show in Texas.

Since 2010, we were happy to host and provide exposure for several local designers, in addition to those who came from
San Antonio,TX;  Miami, FL; Bogota, Colombia; Mexico DF, Mexico; Lima, Peru; Caracas,  Venezuela, Montevideo,
Uruguay; Panama City, Panama and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

This year, we intend to continue with this model of cross-cultural participation.

Leading experts in the hair and make-up industries from all over the nation will be joining us in Texas for Houston Fashion Week®.

The official Houston Fashion Week® program will consist of a highly interactive experience to raise awareness of the local, national,
and international fashion scene; this will be a venue for fashion editors, vendors, fashion insiders,
the press, locals and non-locals, designers, and other fashion professionals to mingle.

The goal is to present the entire region’s designers’ work in a friendly atmosphere among current and potential colleagues from around the world.

For more information, questions, or sponsorship opportunities, email us at:



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